My original website was set up in 2013 and had not changed much since, so I figured it was time for an overhaul. After several weeks of work, during which I was forced to learn a large number of things about WordPress and CSS and PHP that I was previously unaware of, my new website is now ready! The updated version has more content, more downloads and most important of all, it’s slightly shiny (I really wish I could remember where that quote comes from, answers in the comments please).

The At First Sight series has also developed, with Grade 2 now available from Score Exchange and Sheet Music Plus (prices are listed in USD because both sites require it, they will be converted into your local currency – you are free to use either but if you buy from Score Exchange I get slightly more money as they will pay me in GBP so I won’t be charged currency exchange fees).  Like the Grade 1 book this contains 50 exercises written to the specifications of the ABRSM graded piano exams and will also be useful as practice for students who are not taking exams. Further instalments in the series are planned and in progress.

You can now listen to me playing on SoundCloud, there’s not much on there at the moment but more recordings are in the works. All the pieces are digitally recorded on my Kawai CA67 because Kawai pianos are beautiful (I’m not being paid to say that, but if anyone from Kawai is reading this and would like to pay me that would be great…) and because I live in the middle of a city and acoustic recordings are not enhanced by the background rumble of passing cars.

The Downloads section will be expanding gradually, I am currently in the middle of writing some pieces with transposition for the Integrated Theory section and now I have finished the website I should have some time to finish them. For now, have a look around and see what’s new.


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